lundi 9 octobre 2017

English report : Magny-Cours proved to be a great show

The last French stop of the 2017 V de V Endurance Series season proved to be a true success and the V de V fans are thrilled.



Sunny races in Magny-Cours

The sky is clear in the Nièvre where V de V Endurance Series competitors get to the heart of the race.

6 hours Proto Endurance : Vilarino, Ferté and Illiano back on top

At the end of the sixth round, the #2 TFT Norma M20 FC driven by Ander Vilarino, Alain Ferté and Philippe Illiano reach the top step of the podium. It’s a third victory in 2017 for the defending champions who also won three times in a row at Magny-Cours after their success in 2015 (when Vilarino came as a back up) and in 2016.

As the trio said at the finish : « We just needed to drive in the middle. » Thus, they stress how important it is to save the mechanics damaged by rumble strips depriving competitors of victory. That’s why the teams who didn’t have that problem, are well ranked. And the proof is the #22 DB Autosport Norma driven by Delafosse/Vaucher/Accary and the #6 TFT Norma driven by Bazaud/Caillon/Thirion, second and third on the podium.

In second position there is #40 Equipe Palmyre Norma driven by Mondolot/Zollinger/Vaglio-Giors and the #41 Norma of their teammates Croullet/Rosati, in third position. Cimadomo/Rihon/Philipps in the #5 TFT Norma had a great performance but didn’t get to the podium. Unfortunately, some cars like the #11 ASP Racing Norma driven by Jouvent/Cauvin/Metz and the #67 and #10 Lamo Racing Car Norma either had a mechanical problem or a penalty.

The #14 Norma of CD Sport driven by Bole-Besançon/Scheier/Foubert, the #21 Norma of DB Autosport driven by Bassora/Monclair/Schatz and the #66 Norma of RC Formula driven by Richard/Sauvin/Taittinger had either serious technical problems or were victimes of an accident. We wish Inès Taittinger and David Monclair a quick recovery.

4 hours GT/Touring/LMP/PFV

LMP/PFV : Only 0.077 separate the leading trio in qualifying

Saying that the qualifying session was tight, would be an euphemism. Only 0.077 separate the first car from the third one. The #20 DB Autosport Norma M30 gets pole position for the third time this year thanks to Foubert/Wolff/Maulini. The three man are ahead of the #7 Wintec Racing Ligier JS P3 entrusted to Denis/Héry/Clairay who are only 0.053 behind. The #9 Duqueine Engineering Norma gets third position, ahead of the sister car #8 driven by Borga/Enqvist. Inter Europole Competition complets the Top 5 with #22 driven by Smiechowski/Still in front of the #93 N’Race driven by Fontaine/Perroy/Decultot and the #39 Graff Ligier driven by Trouillet/Gauvi/Deguffroy. The #16 DEMJ Renault R.S. 01 Trophy had the best time with Sarrailh/Mugelli/Crapiz in PFV.

GT/Touring : SF TC 17 V8 Charriol dominate

The new car designed by Solution F in the S1 category confirm all expactations. It is ahead of all GTV1s, the #96 Charriol SF TC17 V8 driven by Charriol/Faure/J. Cochet coming before the #99 driven by Zacchia/Pourqui. In the GT clan, the #46 AB Sport Lamborghini Huracan driven by Teneketzian/De Narda dominates the #44 CMR Ferrari 458 GT3 driven by Mouez/Loger/Reymond, the #11 Renault of V de V/AB Sport Auto driven by Van de Vyver/Thybaud and the #1 Visiom Ferrari 488 GT3 driven by Pagny/Perrier/Bouvet.



Rain and Happiness

Bad weather in Magny Cours couldn’t spoil the pleasure of watching this great spectacle. The last French stop is a true succes and the V de V fans are thrilled.

4 hours GT/Touring/LMP/PFV Endurance

LMP/PFV : Graff grabs first victory in 2017

Always second or third since the kick-off in Barcelona, Graff finally reached the highest step of the podium thanks to Eric Trouillet, Franck Gauvin and Rémy Deguffroy aboard the #39 Ligier JS P3. The team gets a lead three hours after the start and finishes two laps ahead of the #9 Duqueine Engineering Norma driven by Legeret and Panciatici who had to cope with 12 drive-through penalties.

The #93 N’Race Ligier driven by Fontaine/Decultot/Perroy miss the podium during the last lap when the #8 Norma of Duqueine Engineering driven by Borga/Enqvist (11 drive-through penalties) overtakes. The #93 is ahead of the #20 DB Autosport, though, driven by the polemen Foubert/Wolff/Maulini. The #7 Wintec Ligier driven by Denis/Héry/Clairay finishes 8th after the #33 Ligier of Inter Europol Competition driven by Scheuschner and Bourgois who had mechanical problems just like the sister car #22 driven by Smiechowski and Still and the #4 Cool Racing by GPC driven by Coigny/Zollinger. In the PFV category, DEMJ wins with the #16 Renault R.S.01 Trophy driven by Sarrailh/Mugelli/Crapiz.

GT/Touring : Visiom in the finish

Third success in a row in the GTV1 category for the #1 Visiom Ferrari 488 GT3 driven by Jeam-Paul Pagny, Thierry Perrier and Jean-Bernard Bouvet. The defending champions had to struggle hard with the #44 CMR Ferrari 458 GT3 driven by Mouez/Loger/Reymond who reached at one point the Top 5 overall. The #46 AB Sport Auto Lamborghini Huracan GT3 took the podium at the expense of the Renault R.S.01 V de V / AB Sport Auto de Van de Vyver / Thybaud.

In S1, the winner is the #99 Solution F SF TC17 V8 driven by Zacchia/Pourquie that showed incredible speed and the #96 driven by Charriol/Faure/Cochet took a lead at one point of time.